Monday, October 25, 2010

No Money, No Honey

Yep, that's the phrase that our awkward Vietnamese tour guide loves to use. Besides that though, our communication is comically limited. He also keeps calling Jody by the name of "Jary" so we've now nicknamed her as 'Jaaar.'

Ho Chi Minh City is awesome! Besides my obvious favorite of Delhi, I'd have to say this is my favorite city of the trip. It's modern and has lots of places to explore, the shopping is amazing (I don't even know what I've bought at this point), and there's so much history here.

Today, we went to a War Museum which was really amazing. The three of us got the opportunity to really check out photos from the Vietnam War and I learned a lot. I can't imagine what any war veteran has really gone through and seen. Yesterday, we went to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels and saw some war death devices and also got to go underground into the first level of the tunnels.

 Vietnam has been wonderful!!

Sara Andrea Jody - in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Yet another photo stolen from Jary's blog - The women in Ho Chi Minh dress in full pajama outfits!!!!

Tomorrow, we're taking a bus back to Cambodia. We'll have to go through customs again at the border, which is really interesting to do when you're not at an airport! They swindled us into not getting multiple entry visas, so we'll have to pay again to re-enter the country and waste another page with a 2nd visa in our passports. They win.

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