Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caged Lions

Wow, everyone in Egypt is awkward with us! Every where we go, we feel like caged lions on display for all to stare at. Men are constantly watching us, yelling things at us, asking what country we're from, or pretending they want to help us. Everyone is also trying to get a buck- they jump out to try to help you, you tell them you don't want help, you tell them to go away, but they still want money. Anyone you do accept service from then has no problem asking for a tip from your heart. Also, in most conversations we've had a lot of awkward blank staring contests back and forth with whoever we're talking with.

Other than that, Egypt has been great. We've been very busy! The Pyramids were amazing!!!!!  We also traveled down to Aswan and Luxor and had great tours there. The overnight train was an experience for sure, and then we came back to Cairo.

Tonight, we're headed to Turkey.

Our flights are officially changed now and we'll be home November 1st. We miss you all!

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