Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gobble, gobble... lol..

The constant harassment from men is beyond annoying at this point! Even telling them we're married doesn't work. And the lack of personal space baffles us!

We've been throughout Istanbul several times over the past few days. 97% of the country is in Asia, but it really feels like a 'typical' European country (not that I would actually know). The Blue Mosque and Agias Sofia were def the highlights of the sights. The insides of these places were beautiful. Actually, I think the prettiest place we saw here was the inside of an area of the Topaki Palace.

Tomorrow, we'll be spending a fortnight in the Dubai airport. We have a 13 hour layover starting just after midnight on Monday/Tuesday. We'll be entertaining ourselves by buying new books, magazines, junk food, trying to exchange all our random money built up throughout this trip, and hopefully finding a spot to set up camp and sleep a little.


  1. You get to Delhi in an hour!! Yay! AND I hope you guys didn't get anything from the Starbucks in DXB...I paid like $9 US for a latte there last time...what a joke.

  2. A fortnight?
    Enjoy your stay in 2010, Abraham Lincoln.