Thursday, September 23, 2010

Egypt hotel tip!

Hotel tip for Cairo! We have a definite recommendation for anyone going to Cairo: American Hotel. They are amazing!! Not only was it a nice hotel, but they booked everything for us in the country! The manager at the hotel was so nice and booked a ton of things for us that came to $350 USD. Here's what it included: one night in a 2 star hotel, one night in a 3 star hotel, a day tour of Giza and Cairo, a tour guide in Aswan all day, a tour guide in Luxor all day, guides to pick us up at our trains, all taxi transfers, and two nights on overnight trains. And, on top of this, they were reliable and always there. Oh, anddd they let us sleep in the rooms and shower in Cairo even when we weren't staying there that night- for free.

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