Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random thoughts in Morocco

- We're learning a lot about Islam. It's such a way of life here; not only a religion. We are surrounded by people praying all day, we can hear prayer calls, the Quran is always being read on TV and on the radio, everything is truly practiced here.
It's interesting to think about the contents of the Bible and the Quran; the stories within are the same. If you're interested, here's a website that breaks down some of the differences: http://carm.org/differences-between-bible-and-quran

- Eating dinner at 1 am can make you feel really fat, yet so hungry in the morning.

- One might think that you need sneakers to climb to the highest point in Morocco; but sometimes you just gotta go with only your flip flops and two Moroccans.

- Bus trip to Agadir: 100dh, McDonalds in Agadir: 50dh each, Bus back to Marrakech: 100dh, Spending less than 2 hours in Agadir = priceless.

- Don't be surprised if it takes up to 2 hours to get a taxi.

- Sometimes in order to learn how to put on a head scarf, you just have to video record someone else doing it for ya!

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