Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of East Africa, onto Morocco!

This week we flew to Morocco from Tanzania. We had a layover in Qatar, which had a great airport! I bought a book, a magazine, and ice cream to keep myself entertained the American way lol. Then, we had no idea, but we also had a layover in Libya. That was weird since we didn't know!!

In Casablanca, we visited the Hassan Mosque. It's so beautiful. It is the 2nd largest mosque in the world, after the mosque in Mecca. We stayed at a nice hotel, which we left this morning. We took the train to Marrakesh where we are now. We are staying with Hicham's family here. They are so nice! They don't speak English and we don't speak Arabic, but it's nice to be in a home. It's so hot- 45 degrees C!

Since it is Ramadan, most businesses are closed all day. In Casablanca, the only place we could eat lunch was McDonald's because everything else was closed. It was funny because at night, everyone finally comes out. During the day, it's quiet and no one is out. Two nights ago at 11 pm, the town was crowded with people out on the street, which is typical for the month of Ramadan. People walked along the beach, families sat outside by the mosque, people at popcorn and ice cream, restaurants were bustling.

Here in Marrakesh, we will be breaking fast with Hicham's family around 7:30 tonight. Then, they eat their real dinner around 11:30 pm. They will also wake up in the middle of the night to eat, as our friends and boyfriends do at home, but we don't eat then since we're not fasting during the day.

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  1. enjoy with a cup of Moroccan tea our favorite weskey lol.Marrakech is too different than Casablanca i am sure you gonna like it .try to see the handicraft in jamaa lefna square .we love you