Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in Delhi !

Finally, after 2 years, I'm back!

Since I was in India in 2008, I've had many dreams about the children I worked with last time in India, I've imagined coming back, I've come up with a million ideas in my head. But now I'm finally here. I have a 10 year visa now and I hope I can come every couple of years.

So far we've had a totally NON Indian experience- right now we're staying at a nice hotel with a really comfortable blanket and a tv and we went out to eat with Jody at a nice place and I had pesto pasta and chocolate dessert. We're going to have to find a hotel that's less expensive, but for now this is nice to have!

I saw some of the CCS staff today. In 2008, they were really like my brothers and I've missed them so much since then. It was great to finally see them again and know that I'll be seeing them during these weeks!

Can't wait to go shopping. Last time, I only bought what I could fit into my suitcase. Not this time! In each country, we've been shipping home all of the things we buy- we're only traveling with backpacks so we don't have room to carry any souvenirs with us. So, we've been having day long searches in each country so that we can ship home big boxes of things. I plan to buy a lot here!!

This will be interesting- it will be totally different from last time, when I was totally consumed in my volunteer work and spent every minute thinking about the kids. We hope to volunteer some this time around, but with a shorter period of time, it will be so different.
Also, check out this link! It's a blog written by one of my best friends, Jody, who has been here in India for several months. She's volunteering right now at Mother Teresa's and her blog is really amazing- great stories about the people she's met and worked with. If you are interested in truly learning about Indian culture and people, read this- it's really amazing!

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  1. So so so glad you're here!! AND thanks for the shout-out on the Psyched that y'all are coming to placement with me today - can't wait to see what you two think;-)