Friday, September 17, 2010

Into Egypt

Tonight, we landed in Cairo, Egypt. The streets are so busy and crowded- its like Times Square but more people. Apparently this is the 2nd most populated city in the world? Who knows if that's true.

After a couple of hours at the airport, we finally got to our hotel and got some food recommended by a teenager working at the hotel. It was $1 and really good- some type of pasta with daal and rice and I'm not sure what else.

Our hotel also helped us to book out the rest of the time in Egypt. Tomorrow, we're taking a day tour of Giza to see all the famous things like the Pyramids. One of my best friends, Jeff, asked if I've seen the Mummy yet lol - maybe. Saturday night, we'll be taking an overnight train to the southern part of the country, seeing one town there, taking a midnight train to another town for the day, and then taking yet another overnight train. We're happy the hotel could book this for us! It's nice to not have to wing it ourselves and figure out everything. The $350 price we're paying for even includes transfers, tour guides, 2 overnight trains, 2 nights in hotels, and taxi's so it will be nice to have things planned out for us.

For those of you Skyping and contacting us, we're now 7 hours ahead of Jersey. We hear it's cooling down there, but it's still pretty hot here!
On another note, I won't be posting pictures until I'm back in Jersey, so sorry! You'll have to wait, but there are a million good ones and I promise to share them once I'm home.


  1. no photos til Jerz? What is this...a blog or not?! Lol...actually totally understand the crappy Internet...sometimes it's just not worth the wait. Can't believe you're in Egypt - have an amazing time but get here soon plz!! Just saw the Commonwealth Lanes on my way to Khan Market...such a joke. xo